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Pages: 1-34 First Published: 6.12.2022

Guest editor: Jaroslav Merc

Editor-in-chief: Jan Hrabovsky

Managing editor: Alexandr Zaykov

Sub-editors: Giang Trần Thị Thu, Matěj Rzehulka, Minh Trần Thế (Tomáš Tran))

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JASB Vol.3, Issue 1, 2022 – PDF

Issue DOI: 10.51337/JASB20221206

Photographs: Cosmonaut, generated by AI Mid-journey (P. Ludwig), Tulip Nebula located in the constellation Cygnus (T. Rektořík). Design created by

Research article

Pavol A. Dubovský, Igor Kudzej, Tomáš Medulka, Karol Petrík, Sergey Yu. Shugarov,

pages: 28-34   Link to article page
 DOI: 10.51337/JASB20221206004