Before You Submit

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Aims & Scope

Journal of the ASB Society is a yearly published journal for young and undergraduate researchers that reports original research from various fields of science. A complete description of the aims and scopes of JASB is listed here.

List of documents

For the submission of your manuscript, please prepare your documents separately according to the following list. An explanation of each item is given further below. Please submit your manuscript, bio and brief information as a .doc or .docx file. Cover letter and supplementary materials can use another form. All submissions must include a zip file containing the bibtex files (.bib) of the used references (see Bibliography part below).

  1. Cover letter (ENG)
  2. Manuscript (ENG)
  3. Supplementary materials (optional
  4. Author bio (both ENG and CZ)
  5. Brief explanation of your contribution for general (non-scientific) audiences (both ENG and CZ)
  6. Bibliography references as bibtex files

Note: Czech/Slovak version is mandatory only for authors from Czechia and Slovakia.

Cover letter

A well-written cover letter will help the editor to forward your manuscript to suitably selected reviewers. We recommend investing an appropriate affort into writing the letter according to the cover letter template. Before compiling the letter, please refer to JASB’s Aim & Scope.

Manuscript & Supplementary Materials

JASB accepts manuscripts of two lengths, each for a particular type of contribution:

  • Article – More complex, ranging  between 5 and 8 pages
  • Rapid Communication – Brief report, up to 3 pages

All manuscript submissions should follow the JASB manuscript template (WORD) or similar one in LATEX (Overleaf). Different lengths and guidelines may apply for Special Issues dedicated to a particular topic, published on the occasion of a conference, or curated by a guest editor.
A journal page contains the equivalent of 1000 words. Thus, articles are expected to be in the range of 4500 to 8000 equivalent words while communications should be less than 3000 equivalent words. Editors may accept manuscripts outside these ranges at their discretion.
Supplementary materials contain additional resources for readers, not essential to understand the article. Their submission is optional and should be done as separate file(s). They are subject to peer review. Supplemental materials must contain only the authors’ original work. A brief list of contents is recommended.

Author bio + photo

Present a brief but well-rounded picture of yourself both as a researcher and individual.  Please check the author bio template. Authors are invited to provide their bios in both English and Czech/Slovak.

Article explanation for general audience

Besides your article’s abstract, please also provide a short description of your article’s key message for a non-scientific audience. The length should not exceed 400 words in a few paragraphs. Providing the document in English as well as Czech/Slovak will enable your contribution to reach larger groups of readers.


Please do follow the instructions in the JASB manuscript template. Reference management software (see comparison here) can be highly useful for formatting your manuscript. All submissions must include a zip file containing the bibtex files (.bib) of the used references. Bibtex files can be downloaded from the publisher website, using reference manager (Mendeley, Zotero, Endnote,..) or created manually using website.

Authorship and Publication Ethics

The authors, reviewers, and editors of the journals are expected to follow the standards defined by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). In particular, authors must not submit manuscripts that contain previously published results, plagiarized material, fabricated results, or intentional reference omissions. Corresponding autor declares consent from all other co-authors/institutions involved prior to submission. JASB reserves the right to retract any article that is in breach of COPE guidelines.
Authors should not submit manuscripts reporting essentially the same research to multiple journals. Neither should authors intentionally fragment research into multiple manuscripts when a single report is more appropriate.