Why JASB Society

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The Journal of the Alumni Scientiae Bohemicae Society (JASB) is a pioneering publication set up to provide exclusively undergraduate, young professionals and high school students the opportunity to gain experience in scientific writing. It not only aims to alleviate the first contact hurdle with publishing pressure, but also to encourage and most importantly promote outstanding research by younger scientists. Another opportunity for submittees is to encounter proper writing form early on. All of this effectively leads to the simplification of possible future endeavors in other journals.

To preserve the quality and pristine state of the journal, all of the submitted articles during the publishing process undergo galley proofs, including a set rigorous peer-reviews. Moreover, this feedback could prove as an invaluable and perhaps necessary stepping stone in the career of a beginning scientist.

Our team consists of young researchers across all fields of science. We seek to pass on the gained knowledge in an attempt to propel younger scientist forward in their respective fields. If you want to become a part of this and help others, be a reviewer, please, visit the Become a Reviewer page. We hope the community that will build around the JASB will become a fertile ground for bold new ideas to come.