JASB complete issue


On behalf of the editorial board of the Alumni scientiae Bohemicae Society (ASB), we are delighted to announce the publication of the second regular issue of the Journal of the ASB Society (JASB). This upcoming issue presents the high-quality work of undergraduates, young professionals, and high school students from physics, mathematics and economy.
First invited contribution is devoted to the contribution and life journey of Professor Miloslav Frumar, who unfortunately passed away at the beginning of 2021. Prof. Ing. Miloslav Frumar, DrSc. devoted his entire very active professional life to education and scientific research at the University of Chemical Technology in Pardubice. In this area, he is considered by the domestic and international scientific community as the founder of the so-called “Pardubice school”, which is globally recognized especially in the field of crystalline and amorphous semiconductors.

From the field of solid state chemistry and physics you can also find another contribution focused on magneto-mechanical deformation of Ni-Mn-Ga shape memory alloys, which was presented during last round of Student Professional Activities (SPA/SOČ). As is slowly becoming customary, this issue will also contain contributions from the field of mathematics, more specifically from the areas of number theory and algebraic geometry. Outside of the natural sciences, we would like to highlight an article focusing on economic stimulus in the United States of America during the Covid 19 crisis.

Preparation of this issue would not be possible without the strong support of ASB Society as well as other many people. Thanks are due first to the JASB editorial board, collaborators, and our reviewers, who guarded the academic rigour of the articles. We also would like to thanks our partners who support this and our other activities.

On behalf of the editorial board, we hope you will enjoy the collection of articles found within this issue of the Journal of the ASB Society. See the complete issue at Article page.

Jan Hrabovsky

Faculty of Mathematics and Physics,
Charles University